Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The light is stretched and thin after a couple days of clouds and a dusting of snow. It's warmed up, so I took a walk down by the lake this morning to get a little air. Then I sat down to start the site, after a couple of days of reading and researching.

"Return" Monotype, 22x30", 2012.
The domain name and hosting were easy. I chose DreamHost because Internet For Artists recommended it, and because they handle domain name and hosting account in one spot. They donate some of their proceeds to Creative, which puts on the IFA seminars. They do charge for one year up front, but it's inexpensive. My domain name will be

I'm on to WordPress now. I'm working a temp job next week (to pay for the hosting, nyuk), so I'm hoping the software is pretty easy and fun to use, as this week is the last I'll be able to sit in front of the computer for long stretches. 

I entered the picture above in a regional printmaking exhibition in November. I'll find out if it was accepted this week as well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

This image is from my summer 1-man show at Zip 37 Gallery. It's pastoral, mostly, a bit of Eyvind Earle creeping in I guess. But it contains a more subliminal component, and I can never convince myself that it's strong enough for people to notice. Thoughts?

A reminder: Tuesday, December 4, is Colorado Gives Day. Any 501c3 type charity is eligible for this (all proceeds go to the charity), but consider the Art Students League of Denver if you haven't decided on a recipient:

*In these times of reduced educational funding, ASLD teaches critical thinking skills to children.

*ASLD employs artists and other creatives, thus helping Denver's creative economy, a real asset to companies looking to relocate.

*ASLD provides community in an inner city neighborhood, and is preserving a beautiful Richardsonian 19th C. Building.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Oh look! I have a blog.

And a fine blog it is, too, though a bit errrm lifeless. But now, just in time for Holiday surfing... Zombie Blog lives! BwaHaHa.

Actually- and like any dead blogger worth his salt, I'm quoting Zombie Shakespeare, now- I come here not to raise Squishtoid, but to bury it. Though not for good. In fact as the blog-less weeks rolled by, I  wondered whether my approach to Squishtoid blog needed a re-think. Then I took an Internet Marketing for Artists seminar from the fine folks at Creative Capital, a very informative weekend that made me certain of it. 

What the fellow artists teaching the IFA seminar convinced me of was that I needed a website. One with (cue the scary soundtrack) ...a blog! So, and this will surprise no one who knows my penchant for over-complicating things, the reason I've ignored my blog is, I want to launch a website. 

To those more tech-savvy than I, this must undoubtedly seem like that moment when the heroine (me, I guess) runs headlong from her first frightening encounter with the first zombie ( blog, duh) and straight to the front door of the zombie hideout! She opens the door, and turning to make sure she's lost the zombie, actually BACKS into the room ( cue the screechy, warning buzzer-like portion of the soundtrack). Well, I think you get the idea. Talk about beating a (un) dead horse. 

Long story short, after a very busy Fall of shows and teaching workshops, I'm starting a website. 

The busy, working artists who presented the IFA seminar made a very good case for using Word Press, which is summarized briefly here. I don't know how long it will take, but I'll probably import this blog (yes, it can be done, I checked) and go live with the basic elements as soon as I can. I'll add some of the more complex elements as the long dark winter goes on, and hope to be fully functional by Spring.

I'm looking to have the basics -blog, profile, portfolio, and news/events; plus more complex features such as a shopping cart and embedded You Tube channel for printmaking videos. I'll keep you updated on the whole horror show here. They tell me any idiot can do it, though I'm definitely not just any idiot. Heh.